We do Java. We do .NET. We do Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, and client-side web with popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and React. We make web pages pop with visualizations using D3.js. We know search engines Elasticsearch and Solr and how to make them perform with big data. We do mobile apps, both native and web-based, and know how to provide high-quality video streaming services to your customers. We specialize in AWS, and have certified professionals who can help you implement innovative and cost-effective cloud solutions to your business needs. In short - we know the web and use the right tools to make it work. 

But does any of that really matter? We don’t want you to choose us because of what we know about a certain technology (although we certainly don’t mind if you do). We want you to pick bdg because we understand your business problems and how to apply the appropriate solution with the appropriate technologies.

For a comprehensive list of languages, technologies, services and tools (both open source and COTS) that we have experience with, please contact us.