enterprise 2.0

You’ve been running IT for a large company or government organization for some time now. In the 90s, you invested oodles of money in databases, document management, CRM, ERP, and financial software. You watched your company’s intranet emerge and then grow wildly and become unmaintainable. In the 00s perhaps you bought a portal. Now you have umpteen heterogeneous, standalone systems and the portal is just another one of them. Now what?

IT should empower your people. We hear companies all over the world saying that employees are their number one asset. We all know that IT is “for” the employees. Why shouldn’t it be “by” the employees too?

IT should engage people in their jobs. It should make their lives easier and their jobs more fun.

IT should allow employees to express themselves and share their ideas beyond e-mail. Have you considered implementing forums or blogging? IT should build consensus. Many is smarter than any. Have you considered an enterprise wiki? IT should empower people to organize information and share it with others. There is order in chaos. Have you considered letting employees tag documents or using a tag cloud to organize your corporate knowledge base? IT should give people access to one another. Everyone should be able to find an expert with a couple of clicks. Have you considered building an enterprise social network?