Since 2003, bdg has led large-scale public sector implementations of Oracle WebCenter Interaction (formerly AquaLogic) at several forward-thinking government agencies. We’ve integrated blogging and wiki software with Oracle WCI, we’ve built a feature-rich CMS in Java and integrated it with WCI and we’ve integrated a commercial wiki product with WCI. 

We also led a CMS-driven migration from Epicentric to AquaLogic and trained numerous government staffers and contractors on using AquaLogic Publisher, administering AquaLogic Interaction and building portlets and other forms of integration with ALI. 

Shortly after 2010, we focused more on purely custom Java web solutions for our government customers and forged the road of both native and mobile web development over the diverse ecosystem of iOS, Android, Window Mobile and BlackBerry devices. 

Most recently, bdg has led our government customers through successful cloud migrations of legacy systems on top of Amazon Web Services, focusing on ETL, Elasticsearch and streamlined DevOps pipelines.

Our vision and leadership led one government customer to give bdg a service award and rave about us in a glowing testimonials