Providing the primary plumtree experts and developers on the team, bdg’s knowledge and efforts have been instrumental in transforming our plumtree portal into a world class web site.

Since the beginning of this phase of the project, their work has been vital, as they led the effort to determine how to proceed in developing the content management capabilities required by the government, using their deep understanding of plumtree to help guide the team to a decision. Sitting through long, and occasionally intense, requirements-gathering meetings with government officers, they were invariably engaged, responsive, and helpful. At the same time, they managed to balance customer requirements, technical capabilities, and schedules in a highly effective manner, never losing sight of the goal of developing initial – but robust – content management capabilities within the schedule established by the mission.

bdg then took those requirements and, demonstrating their skills as developers, led the effort to develop the code to support our content management capabilities. The result has been a tremendously successful delivery that allowed our content managers to create professional-looking pages and communities while also gathering requirements for our future content management workflow.

We are grateful for bdg’s professional skill and hard work, without which this project could not have succeeded.